Curbing Your Sugar Addiction

Hey guys! Hope your week is going really well!

A couple months ago while I was focused on beginning this blog I reached out to some friends and asked them what their biggest struggle was when it came to fitness. Over the next few weeks I am going to be sharing those struggles as well as solutions that have worked for me! Maybe you share in their pain or maybe you will just learn a thing or two about things you never really thought about! I hope you enjoy this series!

Today I will be talking about curbing sugar cravings. A friend of mine expressed that one of her biggest struggles is her craving for sugar, especially soda. This is such a common struggle in fact many sources will qualify sugar as an addictive substance! If you struggle with sugar cravings you are NOT alone.

When talking about solutions to fitness struggles I like to use simple ways of remembering them, they might be silly, but hey they work! So, lets begin. I’m going to use the word itself SUGAR to lay out solutions to curbing your sugar cravings and taking steps toward sticking to your goals and no longer feeling overcome or ruled by the sugar monster!

S- Stop buying it. So this may seem like a pretty simple step but it’s one many people do not take. Yes, I know you have families and your husband likes soda or your kids like cocoa puffs. But, let’s be honest, they don’t need to be eating that junk either! In my house its always been just a habit that I don’t buy sugar/junk and that’s just how we have gotten used to it. That’s not to say that we don’t crave sugar or have a treat every once in a while but, when we do have a sugar craving we have to make the extra trip to go out and get it, or actually make it,  so the likelihood of us having sugar is a rarer occurrence because of the added effort. This also makes certain that our craving is something that is worth being satisfied versus just having a craving on a whim and mindlessly grabbing for the sugary substances. First things first, it’s time to have a talk with the family and let them know there are going to be some changes around the house. These changes don’t have to be all at once, maybe this week you stop buying soda, next week pop tarts or sugary cereal, cookies, whatever it may be. If it’s not around you are less likely to indulge or overindulge.

U- Use substitutes! I am not talking about that cancer-causing shit in the pink packets either! One of my biggest examples is always making nice-cream instead of having ice cream. I am currently prepping for a fitness competition and have had vegan nice-cream twice in the past 3 weeks! Sub your base for bananas instead of dairy. Instead of having soda find a fizzy fruit water or have kombucha. Instead of having cookies make some healthy quinoa crisps with chocolate chips or heck, have a piece of fruit! It’s quite simple to find substitutes for your favorite sugary substances, my favorite go to is Pinterest, but most times a yogurt with fruit or a cup of blueberries does the trick to satiate my craving. Find what works best for you!

G- Get Active. This is pretty much my solution to most things. Feeling down? Get active. Frustrated? Get active. Feeling chunky? Get active. Craving junk? Get active. Craving sugar? Get Active! It really does help. Start a fitness regimen and you will be surprised how your cravings for sugar will lessen. When you know your workouts are going to suffer if you eat the wrong foods you will think twice about the foods you eat. I have always been very active and there is nothing more frustrating or demotivating than eating crap one day and having your body feel like a ton of bricks the next day when you go to work out. It really slows your inertia and leads to crappy workouts and overall just feeling like crap. When you get active you become more conscious about the food choices you are making.

A-Awareness and Applaud. First, start becoming aware of the amount of sugar in the foods you consume. Everyone has seen the pictures that depict the amount of sugar in a soda with a pile of white sugar. It’s pretty gross really. Take a look at the sugar content of those foods you’re having trouble giving up, consider what this is doing to your body and maybe return to step 2 and find a substitute or just give it up all together. I promise the less sugar you consume daily the less you are going to crave it! Whatever steps you take, applaud your efforts no matter how big or small! Lifestyle change doesn’t happen overnight, the key to sustained success is realistic progression that works best for you and your lifestyle! Celebrate every step and remember why you are doing any of this in the first place.

R-Recipes. Last step to curbing your sugar cravings is finding and trying new recipes. There are so many healthy, delicious, and simple recipes out there that are similar to your favorite foods. You can make protein truffles, cookies with dates instead of sugar, black bean brownies, fizzy drinks with MUCH less sugar, healthy cakes, you name it! I mentioned above how much I have been enjoying nice cream during my competition prep, I have also enjoyed pancakes on numerous occasions! This part is SO doable! Plus you get to have a little fun creating new, healthy dishes in the kitchen. Best part is your health and well-being come out first!

These are some of the tricks I personally use to curb my sugar cravings, I hope this was helpful. If you have any tips I would love to hear them! Let me know what you thought and if sugar is keeping you from obtaining your fitness goals start with step 1 and work your way down. Come back with your progress report!

Have a beautiful week and restful weekend!

Lots of love,

Andrea B Fit

2 thoughts on “Curbing Your Sugar Addiction

  1. Awesome suggestions. Sweets have been the biggest struggle for me but if there is a will there is a way lol

    Liked by 1 person

    1. Amen sista! One day at a time! I find the less I have them the less I crave them!

      Liked by 1 person

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