When Plans Change

A little over a week ago I wrote about staying fit while traveling. I was so excited to be sharing my own personal fitness tips to keep on track while traveling but plans got changed last minute. If you have been a mom for any length of time you know things NEVER go as planned. Yes, sometimes there is a vague resemblance of the plan you had all mapped out in your head but, most times you forget you ever made a plan to begin with, because well, that is the #MOMLIFE!You just need to have a backup plan for when plans change because we all know that they will!

A day before we were about to leave for our trip my son got a really nasty cough and was overall feeling terrible. In the end, we decided it was better for him and I to stay home. Unfortunately, I wasn’t able to share real time updates about staying fit while away and let’s be honest, fabricating the circumstances wouldn’t be as helpful. So, I decided to share all my meals and workouts for the weekend which I will include in this entry.

First! The DISCLAIMER: while I may have done my regular workouts my diet was definitely out of the ordinary. Every mom knows that when your child is sick taking care of yourself is usually put on the back burner. Along with cleaning house, cooking dinners, doing laundry, bathing…. OK, we try not to skip the last one but let’s be real. IT’S EXHAUSTING!! Most days are filled with cuddles and trying to find something healthy AND appealing to try to force feed your sick child. Most nights are sleepless. This weekend pretty much consisted of eating what was either in the fridge or food that took less than 10 minutes to prepare. The GOOD NEWS though is that despite the circumstances your goals still do not have to go out the window! Here is what my weekend looked like:


Breakfast: Oatmeal with banana and raspberries
0.5 cups oats
Handful of raspberries
1 whole banana
Splash of almond milk
Sprinkle of cinnamon

Lunch: Brown Rice and Black Beans
0.5 Cup of Brown Rice
1 cup of Black beans
Bragg’s Aminos to season

Snacks: Handful of mixed nuts, Post workout protein: 20g (currently using Nutrasumma Fermented Pea Protein: I decided to try this one out and I am not a fan it mixes too thick it’s like having pudding)

Dinner: Homemade Posole Rojo
1.5 cups homemade posole (hominy+ vegetable broth)
Couple tablespoons red chile
Cilantro + lime

Workout: Each exercise was 5×5 (5 sets for 5 reps) all heavy weight with only 30 sec rest between sets
Glute Kickbacks
Hip Thrust
Hamstring Curls


Breakfast: Acai Bowl
1 pack of Sambazon acai with protein
0.5 cup Oats
0.5 banana
Handful raspberries
Handful pomegranate
Coconut flakes

Lunch: Nachos
Organic Tortilla Chips
0.5 Cup organic vegetarian re-fried beans
0.5 Cup organic black beans
0.25 cup Beyond Meat ‘beef’ crumbles
0.25 cup Daiya mozzarella
Lettuce + tomato + cilantro

Snacks: Post Workout Protein

Dinner: I did not have a real dinner this day because of sick baby plus I had almost been on my bum holding my son all day so I wasn’t my normal hungry self.
0.5 cup Black beans
1 piece of gluten free/ vegan millet and chia bread

Workout: All 3×8 and heavy weight, 30 sec rest between sets
Wide Grip pull ups
Bent over row
Single arm row
DB bicep curls
Single arm preacher curls
Hammer curls

So that’s what my weekend looked like in regards to fitness and nutrition. Of course it was full of much more mommy duties and trying to time my workout just right while the little one napped. Complete with constant check-ins to ensure he was not having trouble breathing or to ensure his fever wasn’t coming back. Hopefully soon I will get the opportunity to re-visit the traveling post but, for now I hope some of this may serve as helpful or encouraging in your own fitness journey!

Have a beautiful day!


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